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California Seal – Parody Design

It all started with a joke. 

While talking with a friend (my dog) about how many people we noticed were leaving California lately, I said in jest “They should change the California state motto from ‘Eureka!’ to ‘Eur-going?'”

My friend blinked in agreement. 

I took that positive reaction as a sign that I was on to something, and so, here is my labor of love and mental machination. A parody of the California state seal and motto. This version of the California seal contains images of boats in mass exodus, a fire in the mountains, a man digging his own grave, and a bear with sunglasses.

Like this design? Want to wear it as a shirt or hang it on a wall in a framed art print? 

T-shirts and other merchandise are available now through The Modern T-Shirt Co. shop on Threadless.

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